Abstract Puzzles

Each jigsaw is designed and developed entirely in the browser. Above are some random outputs generated on the fly just for you – crack open the explorer for finer control of the parameters.

This design uses a similar algorithm to 038 but with a smaller, asymmetrical grid. It uses the same set of colours as 038 but enforces a contrast of 1:1.5 between each band and allows repeated colours, resulting in more harmonious generative palettes.

Evolving the Voronoi layout, this tweaks the curve of each piece's tab so they're all one of a kind, and replaces the straight lines on the short edges with curves, making some pieces look much more organic and others with curved cutouts at their corners.

As with the last puzzle, I found this quite easy and satisfying to complete. Because of the straight lines and limited angles of the design, orienting pieces was simple, and the distinctive edges to each piece made filling in even plain areas of colour quite easy and fun.