Abstract Puzzles

Each jigsaw is designed and developed entirely in the browser. Above are some random outputs generated on the fly just for you – crack open the explorer for finer control of the parameters.

Evolving from 045, this design uses the same rotated circle system but increases the size and angle variance of the circles, disguising the circular forms and making them look more like folded sculptures. It reminds me of a piece of digital art I made years ago where I divided a slow-motion video into triangles and varied the replay delay, you can watch that here.

Since 042 colours have been selected randomly by hue which often resulted in garish combinations and it took a lot of curation to find attractive designs. For this design, I developed a colour scheme generator by selecting analogous hues (hues separated by the same degree) and using the LCH colour space to give the colours a similar perceptive brightness. Some of the colour schemes lack variance but the colours are always harmonic.

I developed the cut algorithm by placing the tabs asymmetrically on the sides of larger pieces. For sides without tabs I removed the curve and returned to straight edges because I was finding these small curves an easy giveaway of tricky placements. The tab placement was just enough of an extra indication to help with the solve but without being too easy. The spread of gradients and lines across the puzzle felt perfect, a very enjoyable puzzle to solve.