Abstract Puzzles

Each jigsaw is designed and developed entirely in the browser. Above are some random outputs generated on the fly just for you – crack open the explorer for finer control of the parameters.

I went in a different direction with this design, focusing on the smeared abstract background and then rotating thin strips of it. I’m really happy with how the softness of the strokes butts up against the sharpness of the rotated lines, at a distance they look painterly while retaining a digital aesthetic. The generated colour schemes and blending are very successful, although I’m a bit disappointed with my decision to add rounded caps to the ends of the rotated lines, I think more organically-shaped caps would have felt less Paint Shop Pro.

I found the repeating smaller areas of colour more challenging to solve, but I was glad I restricted the rotated strips to 30° increments because this gave a hint at the orientation of each piece. This was a delightful puzzle.